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A Bibliography of Jazz Quarterly Magazine

Michael Fitzgerald


As a subject of study that evolved outside of traditional channels, jazz has been poorly served by the traditional periodical indexes. When The Music Index was first established in 1949, it paid no attention to many non-classical publications and even so, by that time numerous small privately-produced journals had already come and gone. Jazz Quarterly is but one of these.

This short-lived WWII-era publication featured the work of important jazz writers such as George Hoefer, Bob Thiele, Orin Blackstone, S.I. Hayakawa, Paul Eduard Miller, Bill Russell, and Ralph Berton as well as contributions from musicians, such as Tut Soper and Lennie Tristano — or Leonard, as he was called then, around the time of his very first recordings (these remained unissued for decades to come).

Published by The Jazz Quarterly Society, the magazine was a cooperative venture. Subscriptions cost one dollar for four issues. “Jazz Quarterly is financed by a group of hot fans spread from New York to Chicago to San Francisco to Texas, and back again, and the venture is a non-profit organization. These jazz fans split the ante to publish this original issue, and if the undertaking makes the money invested back, then the magazine will continue to publish.” [1] It had as its original editor Jake Trussell, Jr. of Kingsville, TX. [2] By the fourth issue, however, the magazine’s address had moved to Chicago, IL and Trussell was joined by co-editor Judy Downs. [3] This was a temporary arrangement and Downs assumed sole editorship with the following issue.

Content was largely contributed by society members and included poems as well as record reviews, reports on performances, biographical and historical pieces, and all-around boosterism for “righteous hot music,” particularly of the Chicago variety, with special emphasis on underrecognized figures. Numerous articles were accompanied by photographs. In the earliest issues, empty column inches or even pages were filled with humorous partisan tidbits such as “Banality of the Year” presentations. Some later issues were devoted to themes: New Orleans, Chicago, the blues.

All issues were reproduced on microfilm in 1977 by Greenwood Press, but without any tools to help locate articles (apart from the rudimentary self-produced index published in the final issue). Therefore, it is hoped that this full accounting of its contents will assist researchers in locating useful items.

Below is an article-by-article listing of the full contents of the entire seven-issue run of the magazine.

  • Warren, Dave. “Lu Watters.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 2–3.
  • “Louis.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 4.
  • Downs, Judy. “Debunking the Monk Hazel Legend.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 5–7.
  • “Suggestion of the Quarter.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 8.
  • “Crescendo, Etcetera.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 9.
  • Rushton, Priscilla Boyden. “Dark Chameleon.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 10–14.
  • “Squeaks from a Rusty Gate.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 15.
  • “Barney Bigard.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 16.
  • “In Memoriam: Charlie Christian.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 17.
  • Thiele, Bob. “Rod Cless.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 18–19.
  • Trussell, Jake, Jr. “I Was a Jitterbug.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 20–21.
  • Poh, Byron [pseudonym]. “Blues Without Hope.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 22.
  • Williams, Cargile. “Geechie Smith.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 23–24.
  • [contest editors], “All Hail, the New King of Swing.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 25–26.
  • McCaffrey, C. T., Jr. “Muggsy at the Arcadia.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 27.
  • “Recommended Without Reservation.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 28–30.
  • “Great Solos on Contemporary Wax.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942): 31.

  • Russell, Bill. “Bunk Johnson.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 1–3.
  • White, Bob. “Maury Bercov.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 4–5.
  • McCaffrey, C. T., Jr. “Crescendo, Etcetera: What’s Wrong with Jazz Quarterly.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 6.
  • Downs, Judy. “Live and Let Live.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 7–8.
  • Warren, Dave. “How to Start a Record Collection.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 9–10.
  • Westheimer, Jo. “Meade ‘Lux’ Lewis.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 11–13.
  • Hack, E. X. [pseudonym]. “The Case Against the Jazz Magazines.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 14–17.
  • Warren, Dave. “Horror Story of the Year.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 17.
  • Reger, Muriel. “My Search for Jazz.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 18–19.
  • Rabe, Maria. “Turk Murphy.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 20–21.
  • Warren, Dave. “Bunny’s My Boy.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 22.
  • Trussell, Jake, Jr. “Our Good Neighbor Policy and Jazz.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 23–25.
  • Berton, Ralph. “The Eastern Front.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 26–28.
  • McCaffrey, C. T., Jr. “Hot Wax: An Ellington Criticism.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 29–30.
  • Warren, Dave. “Hot Wax: Woodchoppers-Lil.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 30–31.
  • Trussell, Jake, Jr. “Hot Wax: Some Knocked-Out Blues.” Jazz Quarterly 1:2 (Fall 1942): 31–32.

  • Downs, Judy. “The Crosby Band and Jazz.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 1–6.
  • Rushton, Priscilla Boyden. “Benny’s Back.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 6–9.
  • White, Bob. “Crescendo Etcetera: Hot Integrity?...Hell No!” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 10–11.
  • Herlihy, Tim. “Kick from the Northwest.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 11–13.
  • Trussell, Jake, Jr. “Blues in the Texas Night.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 13–14.
  • Rushton, Priscilla Boyden. “Jazz Is Where You Find It.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 15–21.
  • Zacheis, Les. “Can This Be Iowa?.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 22–26.
  • Warren, Dave. “The Nine Most Trumpet Players.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 26–28.
  • Russell, Bill. “Hot Wax: Blue Note Blues.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 29–30.
  • Trussell, Jake, Jr. “The Duke’s Music.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 31–32.
  • Downs, Judy. “First Bar.” Jazz Quarterly 1:3 (Spring 1943): 32.

  • Downs, Judy. “Leon Rappolo As I Knew Him…Paul Mares.” Jazz Quarterly 2:1 (Spring 1944): 2–5,28.
  • Hoefer, George. “Leon Rappolo Discography.” Jazz Quarterly 2:1 (Spring 1944): 6–13.
  • Downs, Judy. “New Orleans Today.” Jazz Quarterly 2:1 (Spring 1944): 14–17.
  • Holland, Ted. “New Orleans Yesterday.” Jazz Quarterly 2:1 (Spring 1944): 18–20,30.
  • Trussell, Jake, Jr. “Nicksieland, by a Mile.” Jazz Quarterly 2:1 (Spring 1944): 21,29.
  • Hoefer, George. “New Orleans Jazz vs. Jazz 1944.” Jazz Quarterly 2:1 (Spring 1944): 22–26.
  • Miller, Paul Eduard. “Session Reissues….” Jazz Quarterly 2:1 (Spring 1944): 27.

  • Featheringill, Evelyn. “The Harlem Hamfats.” Jazz Quarterly 2:2 (Summer 1944): 4–7,20–23.
  • Downs, Judy. “Bud Wilson: Trombone in a Million.” Jazz Quarterly 2:2 (Summer 1944): 8–10,23–24.
  • Bell, David. “Off the Record.” Jazz Quarterly 2:2 (Summer 1944): 11–13,24–25.
  • Chandler, Ted. “Back Bay Shuffle.” [Sabby Lewis] Jazz Quarterly 2:2 (Summer 1944): 14–15,24.
  • Miller, William H. “Max Kaminsky.” Jazz Quarterly 2:2 (Summer 1944): 16–18,26–28.
  • Trussell, Jake, Jr. “Dostoyevsky on Jazz.” Jazz Quarterly 2:2 (Summer 1944): 19,28.

  • Downs, Judy. “What You Think About Chicago Jazz.” Jazz Quarterly 2:3 (Spring 1945): 4–9,27.
  • Rushton, Priscilla Boyden. “Out at Squirrel’s House.” Jazz Quarterly 2:3 (Spring 1945): 10–15,26.
  • Jacobson, Kay. “The Golden Pumpkin.” Jazz Quarterly 2:3 (Spring 1945): 16–18.
  • Rogers, Charles Payne. “The Chicago Style.” Jazz Quarterly 2:3 (Spring 1945): 19–20.
  • Soper, Tut. “The Philosophy of Chicago Jazz.” Jazz Quarterly 2:3 (Spring 1945): 21–22.
  • Tristano, Lennie. “What’s Wrong with Chicago Jazz.” Jazz Quarterly 2:3 (Spring 1945): 23–26.
  • “I Received a Letter: Selections From Our Mail Files.” Jazz Quarterly 2:3 (Spring 1945): 29.
  • “Open Up That Window….” Jazz Quarterly 2:3 (Spring 1945): 30.

  • Hayakawa, S. I. “Reflections on the Development of Jazz.” Jazz Quarterly 2:4 (Summer 1945): 4–7.
  • Rushton, Priscilla Boyden. “Share Your Troubles.” Jazz Quarterly 2:4 (Summer 1945): 8–9.
  • MacLeish, Roderick. “Heart Like Marble Stone: Josh White.” Jazz Quarterly 2:4 (Summer 1945): 10–13.
  • Baker, Bruce. “Been to Kansas City: Joe Turner.” Jazz Quarterly 2:4 (Summer 1945): 14–17.
  • Thomas, Mark. “I’m a Roamin’ Rambler: Lonnie Johnson.” Jazz Quarterly 2:4 (Summer 1945): 18–21.
  • Blackstone, Orin. “History of the National Jazz Foundation.” Jazz Quarterly 2:4 (Summer 1945): 22–25.
  • “Index: Volumes 1 and 2.” Jazz Quarterly 2:4 (Summer 1945): 26–30.


[1] “Crescendo, Etcetera.” Jazz Quarterly 1:1 (Spring 1942), 9.

[2] Further information on Jacob Ransom ‘Jake’ Trussell, Jr. (1915–1971), who had a long career as an editor, sports writer, and broadcaster may be found at

[3] While the magazine was being published, Judith Downs (1926–2010) was a student at the University of Chicago. She had been a runner-up in the Miss Arkansas competition and was also an amateur saxophonist. In 1946 she became the first wife of Victor Lownes, later a top executive with Playboy Industries (Lownes is listed as “business associate” in the final issue of Jazz Quarterly). Further information may be found at

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Michael Fitzgerald, founding editor of Current Research in Jazz, is assistant professor in the Learning Resources Division of the University of the District of Columbia, home of the Felix E. Grant Jazz Archives. He is author, with Noal Cohen, of the book, Rat Race Blues: The Musical Life of Gigi Gryce (Berkeley Hills Books, 2002), which received the 2003 Award for Excellence for best research in recorded jazz music from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) and is coordinator, with Steve Albin, of the website

A bibliography of Jazz Quarterly magazine, a short-lived jazz publication from Kingsville, TX and later Chicago, IL, which existed from 1942 to 1945 and was edited first by Jake Trussell, Jr. and later by Judy Downs.

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