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Gérard Terronès: Jazz Unité (1981–1982)

Pierre Crépon

This listing compiles groups announced at the Jazz Unité club in Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine. This work served as the basis for a history of Terronès’s clubs. [1]

Operated by Gérard and Odile Terronès, Jazz Unité was located inside the Quatre temps mall, on the parvis de la Défense in Puteaux, at the outskirts of Paris. Flyers and a review [2] indicate that opening night took place on March 2, 1981. A press release dated February 19, 1982 announced the cancellation of all of Jazz Unité’s programs, starting at the end of February. Only Sonny Sharrock’s appearances on March 26–27, 1982 were maintained.

The data presented should be considered as partial and conditional. Discrepancies exist between Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine listings. Efforts have been made to select the most complete data.

When sessions feature multiple groups, they are separated by semicolons. Groups and soloists listed as separate entities in sources are indicated as such, using “with” or “featuring.” Co-leaders of ensembles or musicians making up untitled duets are separated by en dashes (e.g., Christian Lété–Gérard Marais). When the names of all the musicians constituting an ensemble were given in sources, they are separated by slashes. Titled events are listed between quotes.

Bibliographic entries are followed by, between square brackets, data on the reviewed sessions following the conventions outlined above. Multiple sessions are separated by dots.

Groups announced at the Jazz Unité club (1981–1982) in Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine

March 3–7, 1981Archie Shepp Quartet.
March 9–14, 1981Joseph Jarman–Don Moye Quartet.
March 16–21, 1981Willem Breuker Kollektief.
March 23–24, 1981Billy Harper Quintet.
March 25–26, 1981Ethnic Duo; Curtis Clark Duo.
March 27–28, 1981Sonny Grey Big Band.
ending April 7, 1981Sam Rivers Quartet.
April 8, 1981classical music of North India.
April 9–11, 1981David Murray Trio.
April 13–18, 1981Mal Waldron–Johnny Dyani.
April 20–25, 1981Horace Parlan Trio.
April 27–28, 1981François Tusques Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra with Breton musicians.
April 29–May 2, 1981David S. Ware Quartet.
May 4–7, 1981Hal Singer Octet.
May 8–9, 1981Edja Kungali.
May 11–16, 1981Booker T. Laury; Sugar Blue.
May 18–20, 1981Frank Wright Quartet.
May 21–23, 1981La Velle Trio.
May 25–27, 1981Archie Shepp–Horace Parlan.
May 28–30, 1981Alex Grillo.
June 10–11, 1981Christian Lété–Gérard Marais; Curtis Clark solo.
June 12–13, 1981Ted Daniel Quartet.
June 15–16, 1981Pablo Sauvage Quartet; Marion Brown–Dave Burrell.
June 17–20, 1981Philly Joe Jones Quartet.
June 22–27, 1981Yochk’o Seffer Neffesh Music.
June 29–30, 1981Pepper Adams.
July 1–2, 1981Clarence Gatemouth Brown Sextet.
July 3–4, 1981Jimmy Gourley Trio.
July 7–9, 1981Sugar Blue Quartet.
September 14–15, 1981John Lindberg/Billy Bang/Thurman Barker/Hugh Ragin/Marty Ehrlich.
September 17–19, 1981Theo Loevendie Quartet.
September 21–23, 1981Ted Curson Quartet.
September 24–26, 1981Tony Scott with Glenn Ferris.
September 28–30, 1981Steve Lacy Quintet.
October 1–3, 1981Sonny Grey Big Band.
October 5–7, 1981Harry Hura.
October 8–10, 1981Militia Battlefield; Memphis Slim.
October 12–13, 1981Vienna Art Orchestra.
October 14–15, 1981Maxim Saury.
October 16–17, 1981Rodi.
October 19–20, 1981Archie Shepp.
October 21–22, 1981Michel van der Esch/Michel Pilz/Buschi Niebergall/Andreas Krieger/Arthur Jones/Jean-Jacques Avenel/Oliver Johnson.
October 23–24, 1981Ramadolf 3 Bones Party.
October 26–27, 1981Archie Shepp Quintet.
October 28–29, 1981Siegfried Kessler solo; Mike Zwerin–Jean Cohen Quartet.
October 30–31, 1981Jacques Thollot Tentet with string quartet.
November 2–4, 1981Chris McGregor Brotherhood of Breath.
November 5–7, 1981Edja Kungali.
November 8, 1981“Hommage à Jean-Pierre Patillot.”
November 9–10, 1981Hervé Bourde Bolem Quintet.
November 11–12, 1981Abbey Lincoln.
November 13–14, 1981Ronald Shannon Jackson Decoding Society.
November 16–18, 1981Alby Cullaz–Michel Graillier Quintet.
November 19, 1981Archie Shepp–Abbey Lincoln Quintet.
November 20–21, 1981Marvin Hannibal Peterson Sunrise Orchestra.
November 23–24, 1981Didier Levallet Swing Strings System.
November 25–26, 1981Hilton Ruiz Trio.
November 27–28, 1981Mike Westbrook Brass Band.
November 30–December 1, 1981Jimmy Lyons.
December 14, 1981Vaalbleek Cleansing Department Orchestra.
December 15, 1981Maarten Altena Quartet; Guus Janssen solo.
December 16, 1981Maarten van Norden–Boy Raaymakers Quartet.
December 17, 1981J. C. Tans Quintet featuring Han Bennink.
December 18, 1981Cumulus.
December 19, 1981Seven Singers and a Horn.
January 7–9, 1982Eric Tocanne Quartet; Claude Barthélemy Trio; Pierre Blanchard Quartet; Jean-Pierre Debarbat Tentet.
January 13–14, 1982Barney Wilen–Moko.
January 14–16, 1982Jean-Claude Fohrenbach Big Band.
January 18–19, 1982Art Zoyd.
January 20–23, 1982Ernie Wilkins Quartet.
January 25–26, 1982John Tchicai Original Bass Clarinet Choir.
January 27–28, 1982Patricio Villarroel Nonet.
January 29–30, 1982Jack Walrath–Mike Clark Quintet.
February 1–2, 1982Albert Mangelsdorff Trio.
February 3–4, 1982Joëlle Léandre/Annick Nozati/Irène Schweizer.
February 5–6, 1982Manu Dibango Sextet.
February 8–9, 1982Blue Air Quintet.
February 10–11, 1982Sam Rivers Quintet.
February 12–13, 1982Barney Wilen–Moko.
February 15–16, 1982Erica Norimar Quartet.
February 17, 1982Clovis Lobo Carnival Orchestra.
February 18–20, 1982Toninho Ramos.
February 22–23, 1982Barre Phillips–Blaise Catala.
February 24–25, 1982Curtis Clark solo; Noel McGhie Space Spies.
February 26–27, 1982Benny Waters Quartet.
March 1–3, 1982Bob Dorough Trio.
March 26–27, 1982Sonny Sharrock Trio.

Bibliography of Jazz Unité (1981–1982) sessions covered in Jazz Hot

Bibliography of Jazz Unité (1981–1982) sessions covered in Jazz Magazine

Index of Musicians


The primary sources consulted were every issue of Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine between 1981 and 1982.


[1] Pierre Crépon, “Once Upon a Time in Paris,” The Wire 412 (June 2018): 36–41.

[2] Alain Leygnier, “Jazz en direct: Shepp/Edja Kungali.” Jazz Magazine 296 (April 1981): 14.

Author Information: 
Pierre Crépon is an independent researcher based in France. He has written for The Wire, New York City Jazz Record, Point of Departure, and Improjazz, among others. His research deals with the history of avant-garde jazz, with a particular focus on the American and French scenes of the sixties and seventies.

This listing compiles groups announced at the Jazz Unité club in Jazz Hot and Jazz Magazine. Bibliographies of reviews/coverage in the two publications are also included.

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