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Current Research in Jazz continues with new articles. Submissions for 2024 are welcome.

Current Research in Jazz is an online open access journal designed to publish peer-reviewed articles of original jazz research. In addition to shorter articles of a scholarly nature, it publishes bibliographies, indices, chronologies, and other research aids to serve and support jazz scholarship.

Filling a well-defined gap in the literature of jazz, Current Research in Jazz provides an outlet for detailed writing about jazz that is informed by musical and historical knowledge, that is rooted in scholarly rigor, and that is not compromised by commercial interests. It is hoped that these articles will be cited and used as evidence in other works. Like good discographies, they will provide a solid foundation upon which future research can be built.

Current Volume

Volume 14 (2022)

Volume 13 (2021)

Volume 12 (2020)

Volume 11 (2019)

Volume 10 (2018)

Volume 9 (2017)

Volume 8 (2016)

Volume 7 (2015)

Volume 6 (2014)

Volume 5 (2013)

Volume 4 (2012)

Volume 3 (2011)

Volume 2 (2010)

Volume 1 (2009)

Each volume of Current Research in Jazz consists of the output published in a single year.

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Information For Authors

Current Research in Jazz is intended both to provide relevant information and to help redefine the means by which scholarly content is shared. More information on its goals and philosophy. Copyright for all material is retained by the respective authors. Citation information is provided with every article.

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