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Volume 10 (2018)

The first article for Volume 10 is an in-depth look at the connections between Scott Joplin and the Mexican composer Juventino Rosas Cadenas.

The remaining articles examine the lengthy career of Gérard Terronès, who was responsible for booking jazz artists at five establishments in Paris between 1965 and 1985. In addition to detailed chronological listings, bibliographies of published reviews are also presented.

“Ecos de México”: Young Scott Joplin and His Secret Role Model

Marcello Piras

Gérard Terronès: Introduction

Gérard Terronès: The Blues Jazz Museum (1965–1966)

Gérard Terronès: The Gill’s Club (1967–1970)

Gérard Terronès: Totem (1977–1979)

Gérard Terronès: Jazz Unité (1981–1982)

Gérard Terronès: Trou Noir (1984–1985)

Pierre Crépon

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