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Volume 11 (2019)

Current Research in Jazz enters its second decade with the publication of Volume 11. Thanks to all who have supported this venture over the years, be they authors, reviewers, members of the editorial and advisory boards, or interested readers. It is gratifying to see a variety of the articles CRJ has published over the years cited and referred to in books, blogs, and other journals.

The first article for this new volume considers little-recognized connections between Islamic civilizations and blues and jazz.

The second analyzes the contents of the avant garde music periodical Actuel during its earliest period (1968–1970) while under the editorial direction of drummer Claude Delcloo.

Survivals from Arabic in Blues Texts as Proof of Influence of Islamic Civilizations in African-American Music

Francesco Martinelli

Jazz in Claude Delcloo’s Actuel: An Annotated Bibliography

Pierre Crépon

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