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Volume 3 (2011)

The Perdido–Wahoo Line: Ted Sturgis and Benny Harris

Anthony Barnett & Leif Bo Petersen

An addendum with new information has been appended to the original article, published in Current Research in Jazz, vol. 2.

A Brief Analysis of Ira Sullivan’s Creative Method on “Portrait Of Sal La Rosa” (1976)

Peter W. Brewer

This article details how Sullivan constructs his flute solo using different rhythmic techniques and call-and-response motifs. It also examines his approach to harmony in this performance.

A Bibliography of Jazz Quarterly Magazine

Michael Fitzgerald

Jazz Quarterly was a short-lived jazz publication from Kingsville, TX and later Chicago, IL, which existed from 1942 to 1945 and was edited first by Jake Trussell, Jr. and later by Judy Downs.

A Bibliography of Clef Magazine

Michael Fitzgerald

A similar publication, Clef existed only during the year of 1946. It was published in Santa Monica, CA and edited by Albert S. Otto.

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